Best Free Voice Changer for PC 2023

A Voice Changer for PC is a software that enables you to modify the pitch of your voice in real time with many voice effects free. Voice Changer for PC doesn’t only change the voice of your computer into a boy, girl, man, woman, a robot, or other. It also allows you to adjust the voice pitch to be higher or lower, to slow down or speed up the voice, and to add many special effects to create a special sound.

clownfish voice changer for PC

Clownfish Voice Changer

Offers the full version of the software for free. 12 voice effects.

morphvox voice changer

MorphVOX Junior Free

Free version of Morphvox, a PC voice changer with 3 voice effects.

voxal voice changer

Voxal Voice Changer

Free voice changer for non-commercial purposes. 38 voice effects.

voicemod voice changer

Voicemod Voice Changer

The most advanced and famous voice changer for PC on the Internet.

supervoicechanger discord voice changer for PC


Fully customize how your voice sounds with this voice changer.

All-in-one Voice Changer

PC voice changer easy to use thanks to its user-friendly interface. Free trial version.

av voice changer for PC

AV Voice Changer Software

Have an audio workstation on your computer with this software.

imyfone magicmic

iMyFone MagicMic

Free trial version. New advanced and complete voice changer for PC.

That is, they will be compatible with all voice software we have installed on the computer (Twitch, Discord, Steam, Fortnite, CS:GO, etc.). In this post, we have created a rounded up both free and paid voice changer software for you, just in case you are a gamer, and you want to change your voice, or just want to prank your friends and family with a funny voice.

These are the 8 Best Voice Changer for PC 2023

Voice changer for PC is a tool that can make changes to your voice when you are talking in voice chat, conference or video game. The voice changer software can replace the original voice with a completely new voice. Some voice changer software can be used to change your voice in real time, and some voice changer software can be used to record your voice and then change it. These are the 8 Best Voice Changer for PC 2023.

  1. Clownfish Voice Changer for PC.
  2. MorphVOX Voice Changer.
  3. Voxal Voice Changer.
  4. Voicemod.
  5. SuperVoiceChanger.
  6. All-in-one Voice Changer for PC.
  7. AV Voice Changer Software Diamond.
  8. iMyFone MagicMic.

1. Clownfish Voice Changer for PC

Clownfish Voice Changer is a voice changer software for PC that can change your voice in real time. Also, it can slow down or speed up the voice. It allows you to change your voice into a boy, girl, man, woman, a robot or other one. Clownfish Voice Changer is a very simple and easy to use voice changer software for PC. It doesn’t require any special skills. You can also create your own custom voice. Change your voice in real time, up to 12 different voices!

clownfish voice changer for PC

To start using this voice changer software for PC, you have to install it on your computer (Windows 32 & 64 bits). The installation process is very simple and fast. After the installation is finished, it automatically launches. You can start changing your voice immediately without reading the help file.

You can also use this tool to prank your friends, family, and colleagues. Furthermore, you can even use it for online games (GTA V, Fortnite, etc.) or chat (Skype, Zoom, Meets, Discord, etc.). You can change your voice into many voices. It has a very good quality of audio, and it is very clear. If you want to change your voice, you can download a Free Clownfish Voice Changer at the link below.

2. MorphVOX Voice Changer.

MorphVOX Voice Changer is a good software to changer your voice in your PC. You can download and use this tool on macOS and Windows operating systems. You can download the free trial version of this voice changer software and then buy it at low price. This application has an interface which is very easy to use and gives you the best result. You can also change your voice by applying some fun effects like funny voice. 


This voice changer software has some cool features. One of the cool features of this application is that you can change your voice into male, female, and monster voices. You can select your voice pitch as well as the voice tone. You can also select the voice effects according to your choice. Furthermore, you can also change the voice of your voice by using the pitch, voice tone, echo, and speed effects. There is an inbuilt audio editor in the tool for editing the voice. It is a very effective audio editor to edit any audio file. You can use this editor for creating a voice, removing the noise, adding effects to the voice and recording the voice. You can save your voice in different formats such as MP3, AIFF, WAV, AU, and VOX. Download this Voice Changer for PC at the link below free.

3. Voxal Voice Changer for PC

Voxal Voice Changer is a good choice if you want to change the pitch of your voice in your PC. It lets you change your voice with a click of a button. It provides you with preset voices and allows you to make your own voice as well. Likewise, it has a very simple interface, and it does not take long for you to get accustomed to it. Not only that, but it has a demo version that allows you to try the voices before you purchase it. Make your voice sound like Batman, a woman, a monster, or a robot. It is a very entertaining tool.

voxal voice changer for PC

The only thing we need to do is install the voice changer on our system and then try the different voices and pick the one that suits us best. It is really easy to use, and it is also free. The paid version has more voices and better quality. It is compatible with MAC OS X 10.5 and Windows 10, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1. You can download Voxal Voice Changer for PC here.

4. Voicemod - Change your Voice on your PC

Voicemod is an excellent software that allows us to change the tone of our voice while we are using your PC. This software has the most effective and easy to use interface, but It‘s only compatible with Windows 64 bits operating systems. It has 42 voice effects that will allow you to change your voice to a male or female, change the age, pitch, add effects or eliminate them, apply an echo, apply a bass boost, add a delay, change the tempo or apply a voice mask, among other special effects. The main advantage of using Voice Mod is that we can use it to change the voice of any app, video game or chat.


To install Voice Mod we can download it from the link below, this software is available in many languages. After downloading the setup file, we will have to install it following the guidelines shown in the application. Once the installation is complete, a small window will appear with a button called “Play”. This is where we can start to use the effects of the software. We can adjust the volume, the pitch, and the tone of our voice. The interface is very simple, and we will have a visual representation of our voice that allows us to apply the effects without any problem. Download here free Voicemod Voice Changer for PC.

5. SuperVoiceChanger

If you have an old computer, and you want to change your voice while chatting or playing games, this is the best option. SuperVoiceChanger is a tool that allows you to changer the pitch of your voice. It has many effects that you can use to make your voice sound like a robot, chipmunk, alien, etc. Additionally, you can also change the voice using your 100% custom effect. This is a standalone tool, and it is a freeware. People who are looking for a voice changer tool should download and install SuperVoiceChanger on their computer.


It is only available for Windows operating systems. The most outstanding feature of this program is that it consumes few resources, you can create your own 100% customized voice, and it is totally free. Download this Voice Changer for PC free at the link below and enjoy using it with your friends or family. Change your voice now in your PC free!

6. AV Voice Changer Software Diamond.

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond is a very popular Windows voice changer software that allows you to change your voice in real time. With this tool, you can change your voice easily and quickly. AV Voice Changer Software Diamond has more than 70 Voice changing effects, noise reduction, voice recorder, voice mixer and more. It has a trial version and a professional version.

av voice changer FOR PC

It is an easytouse program that requires no prior experience. All you need to do is to install the application and start exploring the many voice changing effects it offers. With this program, you can change your voice in real time and interact with your friends in a new way. Change your voice on Skype, Discord, Twitch, Steam, etc. Download now this awesome voice changer for PC at the link below free.

7. All-in-one Voice Changer for PC

This software is different from those mentioned above. Its interface is the simplest, it has a main bar that by moving it to the left or right we can change the tone of our voice. All-in-one Voice Changer allows you to change both the voice pitch and the tone, so we can adjust the tone of our voice as well. The main advantage of this tool is that it can be used in old computers. Most simple Voice Changer Software for PC in real time.

All-in-One Voice Changer

This software is perfect for you if you are looking for something simple, but with a lot of different features. It has the ability to change the voice pitch and tone, and also supports many audio formats. It’s also very easy to use and has a simple interface. Download this tool at the blue link below free and start changing your voice in your PC free.

8. iMyFone MagicMic Voice Changer PC

iMyFone MagicMic is a tool that allows its users to change their voice while talking online, such as on Discord. It is compatible with different operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Android and iOS, making it a good voice changer for PC. It offers a number of voice effects and is easy to install and use. The trial version is free, but to unlock all the features of the software, you need to purchase the full version.

imyfone magicmic

Some of its most outstanding features are: works in real time while speaking, you can change your voice while speaking and listen to the result at the same time. Offers many voice effects: it includes a variety of different voice effects, such as different voice tones, echo effects, robot sound effects, etc. Easy to install and use: the installation process is quick and easy, and the software interface is intuitive and user-friendly. Compatible with different operating systems: you can use iMyFone MagicMic on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Free trial version: you can try the software before deciding if you want to buy the full version.

How to get a Voice Changer on PC

Here you can find the best voice changer software for PC. They are very easy to use, and don’t require any special skills. You can create absolutely any voice you want, it only depends on your imagination. There are a lot of predefined voices of different characters, but you can also create your own voice and make yourself a unique person.

The voice changer software can be used to pretend that you are a girl or a boy, an alien, old people, a baby, a robot, Spider-Man or any other character you can imagine. Upload, install and start using the app and make your voice sound different is all you have to do. It’s how easy it is to make a computer change your voice. 

Conclusion: Which is the best voice changer for PC?

As experts in realtime computer voice changer software, we recommend trying the 8 tools we have mentioned above, as you can try them for free and choose the one that best suits your needs. If we had to select only one program, we would decide Clownfish Voice Changer. However, the other programs are also very good, and you can‘t really go wrong with any of them.

Clownfish Voice Changer offers the best voice changing technology on the market, as it uses realtime voice pitch shifting. It allows you to pick between 12 voice effects, as well as change your voice pitch. It‘s the best voice changer program we have seen to date, and it‘s free! Likewise, it doesn’t have trial version restrictions, so you can use all its features as long as you like.

clownfish voice changer for PC

You can download this software free at the link below. Change your voice in real time on the computer totally free.  This voice changer software will let you change your voice on the computer in real time. You can change your voice in male to female or female to male using this software. This software is compatible with all the windows operating system.

What type of voice changer are you looking for?

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