How to get a Voice Changer on PS4 2022

If you are a gamer, then you have to know that there are many options to change your voice while playing PS4. This video game console has become one of the most popular in history and in this article we are going to show you what you need to change the tone of your voice to make it sound fun with these 3 best Voice Changer for PS4 options. 

voice changer for ps4

The PS4 is one of the new generations of video game consoles. It has been launched by the Sony Corporation in November 2013 and has sold more than 50 million units as of September 2017. This means that there are more than 50 million people who have bought it and are enjoying its best features.  This console is the successor to the PS3 and is an eighth generation of video game console. It is manufactured by Sony in Japan and the United States. Unlike previous models, it is less powerful than the competition, but it comes at a cheaper price and has a lower cost of maintenance. For those who like to play, the PS4 has the option to change the voice in games. The process to do it is not complicated and you will not have to pay anything extra.

Why change your voice in your PS4?

There are many reasons why you should change your voice in your PS4. The reasons are:

  1. To have fun: If you are a gamer, then you will understand that changing the voice of the character that you play is fun and entertaining. It helps you to get into the game and be more involved.
  2. To keep your identity: You may not want to share your identity with other players. In this case, you can change the voice of your character and no one will know who you are.
  3. To be unique: In this case, you can create your own voice and no one will have the same voice as yours.
  4. To avoid being recognized: If you are a popular gamer and you do not want to be recognized by other players, then the best thing to do is to change the voice and no one will know it is you.
  5. To join a clan: Many times in the PS4, you can join clans and participate in games. It is important to remember that if you belong to a clan, you need to have a voice that is recognized by the clan.
  6. To be more involved in the game: If you are a player in one of the most popular games in the world, then changing the voice of your character is a way to be more involved in the game. It makes you feel as if you are part of the story.
  7. To create a new image: In this case, you can change your voice to create a new image and feel like another person. You can make fun of your friends or family to have more fun.

How to change your voice on your PS4?

The process to change the voice in the PS4 is very simple and easy. There is currently no configuration on Play Station 4 to change your voice. That is why, with these accessories and apps, we’ll show you how to change the pitch of your voice on PS4.

1. Matedepreso Portable – Voice Changer on PS4

The best value of Voice Changer PS4 is the Matedepreso portable. This tool is available for any player to change their voice on PS4 with various sound effects including male to female, female, magic and many more. Every player is interested in this tool. It is suitable for any console, mobile device, computer, etc. This accessory needs to be plugged in and connected to the microphone. (Voice changer headset for PS4)

voice changer ps4

You can only take it anywhere with its tiny size, plug it, turn it on and you will be able to talk with your friends or even play Playstation 4 games in real time. If you look for a device directly from your play to adjust your voice, that’s your best option. This is used from your preferred headset directly.

Essential system, for example while streaming, to adjust voices live. Its price is really low and on Amazon you will find it. In the following link, I connect the link: Purchase Portable Matedepreso on Amazon

2. Voice Changer for Gaming - Application to change voice on PS4

The only disadvantage is that Android does not permit two applications to use the same microphone simultaneously on a mounted mobile phone. You also cannot submit the audio to another application. It has 14 voice effects, which are free to use when playing, and can be used in the background and even on the screen. This is the best mobile device PS4 voice modulator with value for money.

voice changer mic for gaming

You will be able to connect your gaming headset with microphone, you just need to unplug the microphone and connect the Android device to the AUX. To connect it to the Play Station 4 we will have to use Android as a USB microphone or use a splitter cable on Y/AUX. So in addition to the application it will be necessary to buy a Y splitter that will convert the TRS stereo output to AUX from the headphone port of our Android phone to mono input on the headphone port of the console.

Download Voice Changer Mic for Gaming – PS4 XBox PC
Buy cheap Y/AUX splitter on Amazon

3. Turtle Beach Elite Pro

On the web, you will find the Turtle Beach Elite Pro. 100% For the most skilled gamers recommended. Edit the voice you like with this accessory on your Play Station 4 (Voice changer mic PS4).

3. Turtle Beach Elite Pro

The most remarkable features are:

  1. With the touch chat and slider controls provided by this app, you can change the chat and game volume accurately and easily without any play stop.
  2. Make the most of having DTS Headphones capable of hearing all your sounds: surround sound X 7.1.
  3. Add different sound modes, effects and equalization configurations to your audio settings. Use this adapter to adjust and alter your voice on PS4.


We recommend the first choice for changing your PS4 voice in a cheap way (Matedepreso Portable – The best voice changer for PS4). Instead of expending your money on a Y/AUX + smartphone app that may not be available at any time on Google Play. We definitely suggest a Turtle Beach Elite Pro on Amazon if you’re looking for a professional PS4 voice modulator.

Now you know how to change the voice in your PS4 and you can use it to have more fun and entertainment. If you have any questions or concerns, you can leave them on the comments and we will help you right away.

Last Updated: June 10, 2022